Map Downloader is a program that helps you to download maptiles into the device.
It use Maptile-loader, so that program must be installed. Map Downloader can be used to load
different kind of maps. If map source is defined to Maptile-loader, Map Downloader can load that
kind of maptiles

Download Map Downloader here .

Here are screenshots from Map Downloader

After program has started, user can use zoom and browse map.

To download maps, user have mark two corner: North-West and South-East.
Pressing button "Add NW" marks North-West corner to place that red dot indicates.

Pressing button "Add SE" marks South-East corner to place that red dot indicates.

From right side of screen user can choose which zoom levels should download.

Pressing "download" button, program ask confirmation for download. If "OK" is pressed, download begins.

While downloading process is going, it program does not inform anything. Just be patient and wait for downloading ends.